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7 blogs every woman who wants to run a business should follow

It takes a village to raise someone, they say. This saying goes specially for raising kids. But all those kids grow up one day and become someone. So we say it takes a good knowledge base and a kick in consciousness to move towards your goals and make them happen. As an entrepreneur, you have to start somewhere. Today's blog is about strong women who once started with a single blog post and are today successful female leaders we are learning from. And we wanted to share with you what helps us kick our consciousness to bring things to life. 

 We've collected seven blogs for you to read and educate on being a strong, successful woman. 

  1.   Girlboss- a female blog that shows how they do it. Founder Sophia Amoruso  and her team of writers, and a couple of big-name girl-bosses spread messages of positivity and feminism while giving honest advice on how to rise to the top.
  1.   She Takes on the World - Emmy-award winner Natalie MacNeil has created a blog based on her journey to business success. She started her blog as a way to document her life as an entrepreneur. 
  1.   Women on Business- This network of female thought leaders aims to broaden the discussion between the genders and grow female contribution to the business world.
  1.   The Suitcase Entrepreneur- Natalie Sisson obsession of freedom certainly shines through in her work as she tries to help people who run a business give themselves the freedom and flexibility to "live every day to the full."
  1. Ladies Make Money - is a guide to making money online. With the rise of the remote workforce, this is an excellent blog for those looking to make money in creative ways.
  1. See Girl Work - The blog's mission is to curate valuable business and lifestyle content for ambitious, entrepreneurial-minded women.

Bonus blog:

The Attitude of life – blog of our founder, Ana Sneeringer where she talks about her art, being female artists, and her inspiration - women. 

Go check these blogs out. We are pretty sure they will give you some good insights to navigate whatever comes your way.



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