Art in the form of a scarf

Art in the form of a scarf

Wearable Art for Self Confidence

We each are unique and extraordinary, and that’s what makes this world such a vibrant and interesting place. I find particular inspiration in the incredible attitudes of women of different cultures. Every woman deserves to feel confident and empowered on her own terms.

I honor my own confidence by sharing my passion with you: creating portraits of powerful women with inspiring attitudes. I launched Scarves for Life to share this empowerment with you, so that you can feel good while expressing yourself. 

Each design invokes a specific memory which is at once universal, but totally unique to you. 

Scarves for Life

I’ve had the privilege of observing India’s incredibly rich cultural history of textile design. Many contemporary Indian women choose to follow tradition by dressing modestly, but they do so while also showing their personality through vibrant colors and intricate embroidery.

These women and their colorful garments are the inspiration behind Scarves for Life. I developed this project purely to share the message of confidence and empowerment to women around the world. These scarves allow me to share my memories and observations of confident women as a wearable art piece for you.

Inspired by Women Around The World 

Scarves have a bit of a tarnished historical reputation, having been used in many cultures to obscure femininity – hiding our bodies and faces and in turn, our minds as well. Learning about this history triggered some intense emotions in me; I believe that all women should be seen and celebrated on their own terms and I share that belief through my art.

These scarves were created as wearable art to inspire self-confidence and pride in women everywhere, no matter their cultural background. All women, everywhere deserve to feel beautiful and empowered and to be fearless when asserting their intelligence. 

Style On Your Terms

Like my paintings, each one of my Scarves for Life is a work of art. With a message of empowerment, these scarves are designed to be styled in a number of different ways. Whether you choose to cover up or make a statement, a piece from my Scarves for Life collection empowers you to show your inner strength however you wish. 

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