Being Back in "Real World" - scarf inspiration

Being Back in "Real World" - scarf inspiration

Being back in the "real world" (living in the first country) gets as beautiful, but really?! There are some intense steps to walk in that first world. I am glad I started walking up those stairs on time, even though sometimes I feel I don't make significant progress.

I love when people stand up for themselves. I love hearing that you can stand tall when the world roars towards you and represent your mindset. While living in India, I connected with Indian activist and humanitarian Seema Hari. She quickly became my inspiration, for her vocal right for Indian women, skin, and culture. So I've painted her portrait. You know, in my style. The original lives in Switzerland, but I love her message enough to let it just be with one person. So I've developed the line for Papaya Pika with designs of Seema's portrait.


"Once, I traveled to places that encouraged me to move in that direction. Once, I was afraid to step forward, but now I am closer to my destination because I made that step."

When I decided to put Seema's portrait on apparel for Papaya Pika, I bared one thought in my mind. To reach a world where women and girls have equal rights, we must dismantle gender stereotypes and who is better at what. Each culture has its fight for equality. The first world does not see what the second and third world do, yet it feels like the most significant problems are in the first world and that the rest of the world has to pay attention to these social and human differences. I've been amazed at what people and women post on social media and what freedom of speech can do, which is impressive. I am just sorrowed that the rest of the world has no rights as we do.

So with my presence in the art world, I am using the rights to create work that speak for every culture in the world for equality. My work is deeply involved in women's mindset and psychological presence, and I would love to encourage women to stand tall and vocalize their needs. It doesn't have to be to spoken to the public it has to start with admitting yourself and then with your closest person.


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