Everything has its story. My scarves do too.

Everything has its story. My scarves do too.

[ taken from Ana Sneeringer blog post] 

yellow bow woman face silk scarf

If there is a woman there is a sophistication. Am I right? Or Am I right? 

I have been creative director for Papaya & Pika for few years now. In 2021 I've released collection of organic cotton long scarves, devoted to Indian women. So couple of years later we decided to drop new collection but this time Silk Scarves

I am sure you are curious why am I designing scarves? Well I think they are such a powerful piece of clothing. For a woman, wearing a scarf has a similar meaning as men wearing a tie, it is a form of communication to state someone's sense of style and status or to characterize one's personality. I fell involve with textile while living in India. I loved everything cotton there until I discovered silk and the pleasure of wearing this lovely durable thread. 

While I lived in India I had subconsciously got inspired by women wearing scarves or how they call them "dupatta". We each are unique and extraordinary, and that’s what makes this world such a vibrant and interesting place. I find particular inspiration in the incredible attitudes of women of different cultures. Every woman deserves to feel confident and empowered on her own terms. So to speed story forward, for two years - I decided to design silk scarves.

For this collection I've chosen few powerful paintings (whose originals are all now in private collection) that represent woman determination. Many women are still disadvantaged – at work, school, and sometimes home. This scarf presents the mighty cactus and the woman who has taken charge of her personal growth. Cacti symbolize endurance, growing tall and decisive even in the harshest desert landscapes. They often remind me to stay present even during difficult times. Cultivating the mind is no small feat; this woman has taken this incredible journey into her own hands to become a better self. 


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