Ana Sneeringer standing on the steps showing her long scarf in gray color with female portrait as design

GIVEAWAY - Cotton Scarf


The Story Begins in India.

When I lived in India, I was privileged to observe India's vibrant cultural history of textile design. Many contemporary Indian women follow tradition by dressing modestly, but they do so while showing their personality through vibrant colors and intricate embroidery. These women and their colorful garments inspired the cotton scarf collection "Scarves for Life," I designed and produced in India. I developed this project purely to share the message of confidence and empowerment with women worldwide. These scarves allow me to share my memories and observations of confident women as a wearable art piece for you.

Swim My Lady

The scarf "Swim My Lady" was created as wearable art to inspire self-confidence and pride in women everywhere, no matter their cultural background. All women everywhere deserve to feel beautiful and empowered and to be fearless when asserting their intelligence.

Style On Your Terms

Like my paintings, this cotton scarf is a work of art. With a message of empowerment, this scarf is designed to be styled in several ways. So whether you cover up or make a statement, this scarf will empower you to show your inner strength however you wish. 


Papaya Pika and Ana Sneeringer are giving away one of these powerful scarves to one of you who will continue to support our mission and vision - to empower women worldwide through powerful wearable imagery.


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