It's all about the scarf empowerment

It's all about the scarf empowerment

By: Ana Sneeringer

I have been reflecting a lot lately on my life in India. It must be some India-home-sick moments recently, especially when I engage in things that had been "born" in India.

This is not the first time I am designing scarves. Two Years ago, I created "SCARVES FOR LIFE," a limited collection of organic cotton ultra-long scarves (2.5 meters) that mimic the Indian dupatta. And now, two years later, I've plunged myself into designing silk scarves that were also born in India. The thought of the silk scarves had to bubble a little bit before it became a reality. I was also reflecting on why I chose things in my life to work with. For the collection of the scarf, I can only say one thing. The most beautiful element of the scarf is it doesn't judge. One size fits all. There is no discrimination against body size or shape in a world where no matter everything we do and say has to be politically correct.

This new collection of scarves features my ladies from two different collections I've painted in India. One is Cultivation, and the other is Human.


I move away from pure portraiture in this series and introduce cacti as landscape elements to the scene. Cacti symbolize endurance, growing tall and decisive even in the harshest desert landscapes. They often remind me to stay present even during difficult times. Like in my Continuation series, rainbows invoke perseverance through change and upheaval.
Many women are still disadvantaged – at work, school, and sometimes even at home; like the mighty cactus, the women in my paintings have taken charge of their personal growth. Cultivating the mind is no small feat; these women have taken this incredible journey into their own hands.

As much as the idea for these scarves was born in India, I decided to work with a country closer to me for logistic purposes. All our scarves are handmade in Canada. And We still ship them worldwide.

Thank you for supporting my collaboration even though I have not promoted much of it. Some are on social media, but that's pretty much it. 

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